10 historic cities to visit in the United States

10 historic cities to visit in the United States

Every year, a great number of people come to the United States to visit this big country. This has made the tourism in the USA grow rapidly recent years. One of the reasons why people travel to America is to discover the amazing places.

This large country has interesting historic cities that tourists should not miss to visit during their visit to the USA. Many of them are mentioned in the brochures of Opodo, one of the most popular online travel agencies in the world. As a country of a growth of international tourism, the USA are included in the 225 countries involved in the services of Opodo.

10 cities to visit in the USA for history fun

1- Washington D.C

Named after the first President George Washington, after the American Revolution, D.C is the capital of the United States of America. It is one of the most visited cities in the world with millions of visitors every year.

This big and popular city has a lot of famous monuments, museums and landmarks that make you imagine the amazing history of the country. Washington monument, Capitol Building and the White House are part of the most interesting places that visitors never miss to pay a visit to.

2- New York

Discovered by Giovanni Verrazano in 1524, New York is now the most populous and biggest city in the United States. It is located in the Northeast.

Even the city has been more and more developed, it still keeps unforgettable monuments of America. St. Patrick Cathedral, St Paul's Chapel and the museum and restaurant Fraunces Tavern are one of the landmarks that save a history of the city.

3- Santa Fe

Santa Fe was founded by the Spanish in 1607. It is the capital of New-Mexico State and is the oldest city in America. Many artists have lived and sold arts in this location for many years. That makes it one of the biggest art markets in the country. This place keeps legendary history and culture that inspire and fascinate people who visit the center.

4- St. Augustine

St. Augustine, a small city of Florida in the Southwest of the United States is part of the oldest cities in America. It was founded by Spanish in 1565 and was sold to American State in 1819. The city is considered as the area which has the oldest houses, schools, shops and prisons in the United States.

5- New Orleans

It is the biggest town of Louisiana State in America, founded by the French in 1718. Napoleon; the first French Emperor; sold it to the USA in 1803. New Orleans is situated along the Mississippi River which crosses from north to south of the United States. The best place to visit in New Orleans is the Garden District.

6- New Castle

New Castle is a small town, situated along the Delaware River in the South of Wilmington, settled by the Dutch West India Company in 1951.

The great influence of architecture designed by the British colonists makes the city an amazing place for visitors. Even if it has become a dynamic city in America, it preserved its historic heritage like the old cobblestone streets, the Old Dutch House…

7- San Antonio

Settled in 1718, San Antonio is one of Texas State's history troves. It is the county seat of Bexar from Native American occupation in the South of the United States. It became a popular tourism center thanks to the existence of Alamo which is an improvised Fortress.

8- Philadelphia

Situated in the Northeast of America, Philadelphia is a major cultural, historic and artistic center of the United States. It was founded by Attalus King of Pergamon. Philadelphia has many interesting heritages from the colonization such as old buildings, Vintage row homes, and mansions.

9- Boston

Boston is the capital and the biggest city of Massachusetts State, located in the Northeast of the United States. It is founded in 1630 by the British and is one of the oldest towns in America. The city of Boston is a historical birthplace of the United States. That is to say that it marked more histories in revolution, independence and abolition of slavery of the USA.

10- Williamsburg

This is an independent city located on Virginia Peninsula, United States. The City makes visitors understand more about the ultimate of the colonization period thanks to the largest history museums. It covers many traditional things like shops, farms and handcrafts.